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Optimax Lite

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Player Level PRO
Weight (gram) 79 g
Shaft Flexibility Medium
Maximum Racket Tension Upto 30 Lbs(pounds)
Racket Case Included
Head Shape Isometric
Frame Material Japanese H.M Graphite
Balance Head Heavy

Metallic Graphite 

Candy Blue

 Grip Size

3 ⅛

Length 675mm


Technologies used in the Racket:

High Repulsion Shaft

High Repulsion Shaft is engineered with the highest precision in shaft manufacturing ensuring 360 degrees balanced graphite layups. Higher power and increased precision is achieved by blending the optimum flexibility and kick point of your Carlton racket shaft every time you swing it.

Japanese Hot Melt Graphite

Japanese Hi Modulus Graphite is the highest specification carbon available on the market treated with High pressurized heat for better graphite fusion ensuring your Carlton frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.