About us

CARLTON SPORTS is a British badminton equipment brand originally established in 1946, headquartered in England, to provide the customers with the best quality badminton equipment & services. CARLTON being into badminton equipment manufacturing for 75 years, owns a rich experience of generations with continued success as a leader in the industry.  

Rooting from the first day of our establishment, we’ve introduced a number of advancements in the manufacturing of badminton equipment, which were marked as first in the history of the sport. Innovations such as an injection moulded shuttle, designing and manufacture of all-metal racquets, 100% stainless steel manufacture of racquets, a flex system between the shaft and handle, and a one-shot injection moulded shuttle skirt rank us as the first and top in the industry. We strive to always optimise our technology and manufacture the latest, finest quality badminton equipment. 

Carlton was established to offer our customers the best products & services, by delivering the following benefits:

  • Secure payment methods with flawless transactions & a committed helpline for all your queries.
  • We guarantee 100% authenticity of all products available on our website. All products on our website are brand new and quality tested.
  • At Carlton, we respect and value you and are always committed to safeguarding your privacy and safety. Our aim is to provide you with a comfortable and secure shopping experience.
  • We ensure quick, safe and assured delivery pan India
  • Huge range of premium quality badminton equipment at the best prices

Shop with us and get to know the secret behind the success story of thousands of badminton players across the globe.